Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2013
Volume: 12
Issue: 13
Page No. 1156 - 1161

Growth and Survival Ability Characteristics in Awassi Lambs Weaned at Different Periods

Authors : Polat Ipek and Fikret Esen

Abstract: This study was conducted to investigate the effects of various ages of weaning on growth rate, survival ability and body measurements of Awassi lambs. Also, present study aims to determine advantages and disadvantages of weaning in early ages in terms of observed parameters and offer a direction to the growers. The material of this research was composed of 90 Awassi lambs which separated into three groups including 30 lambs in each group. It was paid attention to the closeness averages of birth weights among groups and equable of male and female specimens in each group when the groups created. During the research, every 15 days, various body sizes and live weights of lambs were determined in same day and time. Lambs of first, second and third groups were weaned on 30, 60 and 90th days of ages, respectively. Average birth weights were 4.59, 4.37 and 4.42 kg; average live weights of 30th day were 10.93, 10.35 and 9.82 kg (p<0.05); average live weights of 60th day were 17.82, 14.35 and 17.40 kg (p<0.01); average live body weights of 90th day were 25.97, 22.17 and 23.59 kg (p<0.01) and survival ability rates of 90th day were 100, 90 and 86.67% in lambs of first, second and third groups, respectively. According to the results of this research, can say that; through early weaning, will increased through the production of marketable milk in sheep and early weaning, investigated terms of features can be said to outweigh the positive aspects of Awassi lambs.

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Polat Ipek and Fikret Esen, 2013. Growth and Survival Ability Characteristics in Awassi Lambs Weaned at Different Periods. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 12: 1156-1161.

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