Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 8 SI
Page No. 6558 - 6564

Abstract: The experimental results show that the use of Sudan grass in mixed sowing with high-protein annual forage crops for production of green feed made it possible to get herbage with the required nutritional value. Sudan grass having high sugar content in its chemical composition is an attractive crop for animals but has a disadvantage of not having sufficiently high protein content. In order to increase the consumption of herbage and to improve the quality of harvested feed (green feed, hay) the best method is to use mixed sowing of high-protein annual crops (fodder mall, Spring rape and Spring vetch) with Sudan grass. The results of the researches the following conclusion can be drawn: crops used in the experiment have proved to be effective and efficient by having increased the digestible protein content in the feed (herbage) obtained from the mixed sowings. By the results of the researches the following conclusion can be drawn: the crops used in the experiment to raise the content of digestible protein in herbage have proved to be effective. The results of research can be successfully used in the formation of diet for high-yielding milking cows, beef cattle and other types of farm animals and poultry.

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Igor Yu. Kuznetsov, Bulat G. Akhiyarov, Ilgiz G. Asylbaev, Firzinat A. Davletov, Vladislav S. Sergeev, Rishat R. Abdulvaleyev, Azat V. Valitov, Azat M. Mukhametshin, Dayan S. Ayupov and Ruzil G. Yagafarov, 2018. The Effect of Sudan Grass on the Mixed Sowing Chemical Composition of Annual Forage Crops. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13: 6558-6564.

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