Journal of Food Technology

Year: 2010
Volume: 8
Issue: 3
Page No. 82 - 85

Cocoa Powder Supplementation in Yoghurt Production

Authors : C.O. Jayeola, L.E. Yahaya and R.O. Igbinadolor

Abstract: The use of cocoa powder as a nutritional supplement in yoghurt production was evaluated. The result showed that the final product has pleasant chocolate flavor and color and was acceptable. More importantly there was a marked increase in the protein and calorie level of the chocolate yoghurt. The product so produced was compared with locally existing commercialized yoghurt for its physico-chemical parameters like pH, total solids, specific gravity, titratable acidity, moisture, ash, protein and fat content. The results revealed that the formulated chocolate yoghurt has pH of 4.25, specific gravity of 1.0426 fat 3.64%, protein 6.82%, ash 0.88% and energy level of 225 cal 100g-1. The organoleptic appreciation revealed that preference was given to the newly developed yoghurt for its unique chocolate characteristics.

How to cite this article:

C.O. Jayeola, L.E. Yahaya and R.O. Igbinadolor, 2010. Cocoa Powder Supplementation in Yoghurt Production. Journal of Food Technology, 8: 82-85.

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