Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences

Year: 2003
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Page No. 244 - 255

Career Criminality and Genius: Anomalies of the Human Condition

Authors : Matt DeLisi

Abstract: This literature review uses genius as a metaphor for understanding pathological criminality. Both constructs share a combinatory nature-nurture etiology, manifest early in life, occur almost exclusively in males, are linked to psychopathological states and are evidenced by a relatively distinct constellation of personality features and behaviors. Although both phenomena are scientifically studied, enough unexplained variation exists to support the notion that these endlessly interesting concepts are mysterious and largely unpredictable. Just as the true genius is largely unstoppable on the trek to eminence, the pathological criminal is a juggernaut on toward a life of complete malaise. In terms of academic relevance, this author suggests that the criminal justice system is simply unable to avert the destruction wrought by pathological criminals. The pathological criminal should be viewed as a qualitatively and quantitatively distinct offender who is an anomaly of the human condition.

How to cite this article:

Matt DeLisi , 2003. Career Criminality and Genius: Anomalies of the Human Condition. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 1: 244-255.

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