Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2007
Volume: 2
Issue: 10
Page No. 1043 - 1047

Artificial Neural Network in Marine Traffic Modelling

Authors : T.R. Sethuraman and Ganapathy Chettiar

Abstract: Infrastructure plays a very important role in the economic progress of a nation. No country can think of economic progress and development without the development of efficient infrastructure. Especially in the age of globalisation where international goods and commodities are to be transported from one country to the other, efficient infrastructure is the key to the success. Taking into consideration 90% of the international cargo is transported through sea ways. The Sethu Samudram ship Canal Project (SSCP) is the mega ongoing infrastructure project of India which provides a continuous navigation route through India`s territorial water connecting the east and west coast of India. This will save about 424 nautical miles and about 36 hours of sailing time. SSCP will help to develop the coastal shipping of the all the major and minor ports along the east and west coast of India and improve the international competitiveness of India`s EXIM trade. Since the greatest beneficiary of the project is the Tuticorin port, this study investigates the impact of the Sethu Samudram ship channel project on transportation of Tuticorin port, a traffic prediction in terms of Export, import, total tonnage, containers handled and ship handled on the Tuticorin port is carried out in this study by using Artificial Neural Network. As applied in the research Artificial Neural Network analysis assumes that human learning can be emulated by a network of massively interconnected but very simple processing units. The theoretical foundation for the algorithm of the current neural network model is based on Hebb`s theory of learning in which connections between pairs of neurons are more strongly reinforced when the neurons are concurrently active. In this study Artificial Neural Network is used to predict the category wise traffic of Tuticorin port, which has the potential to transform into a transhipment hub due to the implementation of Sethu Samudram ship Canal Project.

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T.R. Sethuraman and Ganapathy Chettiar , 2007. Artificial Neural Network in Marine Traffic Modelling . Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 2: 1043-1047.

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