Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2008
Volume: 3
Issue: 4
Page No. 281 - 287

On the Geomagnetic Storm of January 10-11, 1976

Authors : V.U. Chukwuma and B.O. Adebesin

Abstract: This study investigates the intense (Dst = -158 nT) magnetic storm of January 10-11, 1976; in regards to the appearance of positive storm before the beginning of a geomagnetic storm in the mid latitudes and the occurrence of strong negative phase at the equator and also to confirm whether the storm event will agree with earlier results of the very intense geomagnetic storm (Dst = -600nT) of March 12-14, 1989 and April 12-14, 1981 (Dst = -311nT), which shows that the depletion of foF2 was simultaneously worldwide and extended to very low latitudes The analysis of the D (foF2) plots appear to show that the storm event is characterized by the occurrence of positive ionospheric storm at the high latitudes and mid latitude stations of Khabarovsk, Yamagawa and Okinawa stations before the beginning of the storm event Presence of strong negative phase at Manila, a low latitude station before the beginning of a geomagnetic storm. Simultaneous existence of negative storm at all latitudes during January 10-11, 1976 storm event between 0600UT-0900UT, January 10, before storm commencement; as well as between 1200UT-1400UT during storm main phase on January 10 and appearance of strong positive storm at the mid latitude stations of Kokubunji and Yamagawa between 0000UT-2200UT, January 11 and Okinawa between 1200UT-2300UT, January 11. The simultaneous depletion of foF2 during the storm event occurs at all latitudes between the time intervals in above. This shows that the F2 regional structure response is simultaneous and in agreement with the aforementioned intense storm events. However, this observed simultaneous depletion of fosF2 at all latitudes revealed that the depletion of F2 region plasma density is due to particle precipitation and not only changes in neutral composition resulting from neutral wind. Moreover, it was observed that this storm event is caused as a result of shock generated by magnetic clouds which are characterized by low beta plasma, high IMF magnitude and large scale coherent field rotations often including large and steady north-south components. Also, the positive storm experienced at some of the high and mid latitude stations after storm commencement appear to be caused by the short duration southward turning of Bz giving Bz = -12nT between 0600 and 0800UT on January 10.

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V.U. Chukwuma and B.O. Adebesin , 2008. On the Geomagnetic Storm of January 10-11, 1976. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 3: 281-287.

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