Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2011
Volume: 6
Issue: 4
Page No. 251 - 257

Patterns of Agroforestry Practices among Small-Holder Farmers in the Lake Victoria Crescent Zone (LVCAEZ) of Uganda

Authors : Sarah Mutonyi and Bernard Fungo

Abstract: Agroforestry is increasing being recognition of a viable option for overcoming a large portion of the current global challenges of climate change mitigation and adaptation, food security and household income. To increase the contribution of agroforestry, there is urgent need to test the technological robustness of agro forestry through on-farm testing with farmers as a principle step in up-scaling the adoption of the technologies. A survey of 229 households was conducted in Mubende, Kaynga and Luwero districts in the Lake Victoria Crescent (LVC) of to determine the level of awareness of the various agro forestry technologies for livelihood improvement, assess opinions of farmers about the usefulness of agroforestry technologies and evaluate their choice of planting pattern and willingness to adopt new technologies if introduced. We found that the level of awareness of agroforestry technologies was generally low with only about 30% of the farmers having been exposed to at least one improved agroforestry technology. A large proportion of farmers were willing to adopt if the technologies were introduced although several constraints such as land shortage, limited access to planning materials labour intensiveness and lack of market may limit them. The most important socio-economic determinant is exposure to the technology. Training and sensitization are highly recommended approaches for promoting adoption of technologies that the National agricultural Advisory services should include as an integral ingredient of the advisory role. Germplasm of candidate species is should be developed and availed to farmers possibly through local nursery operators that are periodically supervised by NARO and NAADS.

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Sarah Mutonyi and Bernard Fungo, 2011. Patterns of Agroforestry Practices among Small-Holder Farmers in the Lake Victoria Crescent Zone (LVCAEZ) of Uganda. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 6: 251-257.

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