Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2011
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Page No. 61 - 65

Hospitals’ Food Safety Management Model in Thailand

Authors : Ganjana Panurach, Yanyong Inmoung and Amorn Suwannimitr

Abstract: Hospitals are clinical places where service daily mass catering for patients and hospitals’ staffs, hospitals’ food safety management is highly important and necessary for administrators and people who are responsible in the area of nutrition at hospitals. Now-a-days, there is still no appropriate safety to be used as a guideline in hospital’s food management to be highly safe for consumers. This research has a propose to develop hospital’s food management to be safety which the integrated models of qualitative, quantitative and operative researches research method has been used as research’s methods, the example groups were 306 government’s hospitals where under management of Thai Ministry of Public Health, the used statistics for analysis were relation model of linear structure and analysis of confirmative composition, regression and causal effects. The research result found that hospitals food safety management model is concluded of 3 most important aspects of food safety management which are food safety control, sourcing of safe raw materials and factors in food safety managing to be succeeded in both aspects of administrator’s policy and support and hospitals food safety development team which all the said 5 aspects cause hospitals food a safety directly and indirectly and the experimental results of food safety management model operation was experimentally used with 2 interested hospitals and found that there is capability to produce food safety administration in the various aspects which causing hospitals catering to be more safer. This kind of research model is able to be constructed as guideline instruction for hospitals application in order to produce food safety service that is friendly to visitors health and importantly makes more reliability on hospital’s food services.

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Ganjana Panurach, Yanyong Inmoung and Amorn Suwannimitr, 2011. Hospitals’ Food Safety Management Model in Thailand. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 6: 61-65.

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