Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2014
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Page No. 147 - 153

A Novel Wind Energy Conservation System using Dual Rotor Wind Turbine Generator

Authors : N. Prakash and Ranithottungal

Abstract: All renewable energy technologies are not appropriate to all applications or locations. However, as with conventional energy production, there are several issues to be considered. In this study, researchers have proposed a new Wind Turbine Generator System (WTGS). The system, allows both the conductor system and the magnetic system to rotate independently. Normal generators use a rotation of either of the systems to produce power. Hence, the relative motion is equal to the speed of rotation of that component alone. Whereas in the innovation researchers employ a technique in which both the systems are rotated in opposite directions which doubles the relative motion and thereby, producing optimum power at very low speeds. This model will have two concentric rotors. One carrying the field and the other carrying the conductors, placed within the field rotor. The field rotor will be rotated in one direction while the rotor with the conductors will be rotating in the opposite direction. The proposal is to increase the relative motion by combining the above two methods and hence bring in an increase in the output voltage.

How to cite this article:

N. Prakash and Ranithottungal , 2014. A Novel Wind Energy Conservation System using Dual Rotor Wind Turbine Generator. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 9: 147-153.

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