Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 8
Page No. 729 - 734

Evaluation of Movie Production in Iran (First 6 Months of 2007)

Authors : Arash Nazemi

Abstract: One of the outstanding features of economic development is the growth and development of public communication’s tools and the influential role of these devices in social, political, economic and cultural life of nations which they have reached to their objectives. The presenting of movie as a communication tools has such role today. Structural problems and difficulties of society in its cultural sector have drawn attention minds more than other sectors. effort in recognizing problems and difficulties of structural cultural and looking for solution to remove these problems by using capacities and resources perfectly and also extending these capacities and resources mean while it is necessary to strengthen demand and consumption of cultural products. Iranian filmmaking has reached to main advance. Aspects of content, context and technique especially after revolution in recent years Iranian making has reached to film and high position in the world. Proper enjoyment of public from this cultural product needs to ground which it’s the most evident is the diversity and severally of cinema products. The number of cinemas’ saloons, chairs and the rate of their usage in Iran. This issue is related to economic explanation of film producers and distributor’s institutes and the revenue of producing factors. Current thesis has considered the possibility study of this subject. The result of this research indicates that the producing of movie has not economic explanation in Iran. Hence, it is necessary to support financially to strengthen this industry by Government.

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Arash Nazemi , 2016. Evaluation of Movie Production in Iran (First 6 Months of 2007). Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 11: 729-734.

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