Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 4
Page No. 95 - 101

Effectiveness of Quranic Life Skills on Self-Management

Authors : Zohreh Esmaeili and Rezvan Nouroozi

Abstract: This study examined the effectiveness of intervention method called “education of Quranic life skills” on increase of self-management skills. Based on research method, this study is applicable and in the case of data collection, this is a causal-comparative method. The population is composed of participants in workshops of Quranic life skills the during years of 2009-2013 in all parts of the country which is a total of 2690 people of which 2056 people including 2056 females and 634 males. Among them, 329 persons were selected as the sample. Training was performed in 14 sessions of 2 h. The researcher-made questionnaire was also used for evaluation of dependent variable after passing the scientific steps. In order to determine the effectiveness of education of Quranic life skills on self-management before and after the education of analytic statistics, the t-level correlation and in order to analysis of the main question of research the uni-sample t-test (for analysis of subsidiary 1-3 questions) were used. According to the test values (t = 62.621) and regarding the degree of freedom (df = 3.9) and regarding the error level lower than 0.01 (Sig. = 0.000) and level of confidence >0.99, it can be concluded that there is a significant difference between these two conditions in the case of enjoinment of people by Quranic life skills. It means that the null hypothesis (H0) which shows the lack of correlation cannot be accepted and would be rejected. According to the results, the mean value of people’s enjoinment by Quranic life skills before and after education was 99.70 and 139.64, respectively. Therefore, mean value of Quranic life skills was increased as about 39.93 more than the mean before education.

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Zohreh Esmaeili and Rezvan Nouroozi, 2016. Effectiveness of Quranic Life Skills on Self-Management. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 11: 95-101.

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