Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 1
Page No. 45 - 54

Ontology Driven Context-Specific Information for the Cassava Farmers

Authors : Emmanuel Ukpe and Syed Mustapha

Abstract: Limited access to complete cassava processing information has affected the motivation to farm and the quantity of Cassava harvested annually in Nigeria. Some of this vital information is found mostly in tacit knowledge of the experience farmers, in manual records at the agricultural extensions, Federal government ministries/agencies, States agriculture department leaflets, on radio and television agricultural programs. Limited access to cassava information is mainly due to the unstructured and diverse format, lack of awareness by the farmers, whom mostly are based in the rural settings. Thus, the need to provide important cassava and other agricultural information to the farmers cannot be overemphasized. To enable cassava farmers to meet their goal of bountiful yield and quality production; cassava knowledge should be provided both in a generic and context-specific manner. One way to address this limited access and information sharing on agriculture is to develop Cassava ontology which specifically addresses entire cassava processes. The proposed ontology will integrate local characteristics regarding culture, language, climate, market and cassava plant varieties The farmers desire for context-specific information prompted the design for a knowledge base for cassava crop. This study presents a database with contextual information and ontological approach designed to meet information needs of the cassava farmers. Presently, no Cassava ontology or any other related tubers have been constructed in Nigeria. We believe this study would guide the construction of other crop knowledge base, in Nigeria and the domain of agriculture.

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Emmanuel Ukpe and Syed Mustapha, 2017. Ontology Driven Context-Specific Information for the Cassava Farmers. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 12: 45-54.

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