Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 10
Page No. 610 - 615

Developing Indicators for Slum Water Poverty Index

Authors : Deen Maqbool Ahmed, Natraj Kranthi and Minakshi Jain

Abstract: The problem of water scarcity is presently a global phenomenon. Measuring water poverty helps in assessing the water scarcity and in turn for addressing the issue. Calculation of Water Poverty Index (WPI) particularly for the urban poor settlements such as slums may enable concerned authorities to prioritize the investments. However, the concept of water poverty is usually associated to macro level context , i.e., country or region a land not to micro contexts such as slums. In general, the existing water poverty index frameworks include indicators/parameters at macro level but not at micro level. Given this background, calculation of WPI for slums is a challenging task. This study is a scholastic attempt to develop indicators of Slum Water Poverty Index (SWPI). An assessment through SWPI can particularly be helpful in identifying the service delivery related issues. For this purpose, various relevant concepts and WPI Models were reviewed. After a review of various research approaches to address water issues in slums, slum specific indicators of WPI were derived. As a result, a conceptual framework for SWPI was developed.

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Deen Maqbool Ahmed, Natraj Kranthi and Minakshi Jain, 2018. Developing Indicators for Slum Water Poverty Index. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 13: 610-615.

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