The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Page No. 656 - 659

Student Ecological Culture Development in Higher School Professional Education Context

Authors : Asafova Elena Vladimirovna

Abstract: In study attention is focused on development importance of ecological culture in students necessary for implementation by higher school graduates of follow-up professional activity according to the concept of “sustainable development” of nature and society. Objective of this research is to identify pedagogical conditions promoting increase of student ecological culture during training in higher education institution in the context of professional training. Diagnostics of student ecological culture based on application of researcher’s technique of ecological representations, belief, installations, behavior and activity self-assessment. It is shown that ecologically corresponding behavior and ecologically reasonable practical activities of students have lower level of development in comparison with ecological representations, belief and installations. Student performance during the forming experiment of the ecologic-focused educational and research and design and creative tasks corresponding to preparation profile in courses “Fitoimmunity and Protection of Plants” and “Pedagogics” promoted increase in their ecological activity that is reflected in increase of active and practical component of ecological culture assessment. Participation of students in design and creative and educational and research activities for ecological perspective models the situations arising subsequently in professional activity and demanding acceptance of crucial decisions.

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Asafova Elena Vladimirovna , 2015. Student Ecological Culture Development in Higher School Professional Education Context. The Social Sciences, 10: 656-659.

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