The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Page No. 674 - 677

Peculiarities of Representation of Mental Activity in Paroemiologic World View (In Tatar Language)

Authors : Dina Khabirovna Galiullina

Abstract: The study represents the analysis of Tatar paroemiae being of interest to language theory in whole and to cultural linguistics in particular. In this research, paroemiae reveal human intellect, judge objective phenomena of reality, thereby expressing mindset and mental activity of the nation. Also, they allow to gain greater insight into the social historical context and cultural stereotypes formation mechanisms. Study of lexical system of language evolution with examples of paroemiological fund gives a lot of material not only for linguists but also for sociologists, historicians, cultural specialists. The researcher used descriptive method during collection and systematization of research subject materia also analytical and historical etymological methods during analysis of given information. The study contains some conclusions being of practical interest to linguistics. Further studying of these matters will allow putting into scientific practice new data on modern Tatar language vocabulary evolution. On the basis of analysis, it has been revealed that sayings and proverbs are an extremely valuable source of folk wisdom, experience of many centuries and emotional and spiritual riches of the nation. In Tatar language most of paroemiae are colloquial. Their topics are almost unlimited and comprise many sides of life, most different interrelations between reality phenomena.

How to cite this article:

Dina Khabirovna Galiullina , 2015. Peculiarities of Representation of Mental Activity in Paroemiologic World View (In Tatar Language). The Social Sciences, 10: 674-677.

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