The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 28
Page No. 6692 - 6698

Dynamic Competitive Strategies of Management of Higer Educational Establishments

Authors : V.O. Stepashko

Abstract: The purpose of the research is analyses of methods of application strategies management in the process of control higher educational establishment. In the study deals with dynamic competitive strategy of management of higher educational establishment, it functions in conditions of the market economy, features of using strategies of leader in specific situation. The strategy management of higher educational establishment considered as program method of thinking, opened social and pedagogical and also social-economic systems, purposeful system-innovation activity, it considers of action of factors the environment and need in complex situational analysis. For the formulation of the National strategy of development of higher educational establishment need to analyze of trends, determine of prospects. The attention on strategy of constantly refined of results of activities by the higher educational establishment is accented in it. Requirements for dynamic development strategies, formulation of mission of higher educational establishment are identified. Indicators of the level of improvement (effectiveness) activity of higher educational establishment are developed. Level of effectiveness of activity the higher educational establishment in accordance with the criteria *in the role of head in improvement of activity the higher educational establishment+ is described. Implementation of subjects on subsystem control levels of management of the higher educational establishment of competitive strategies, innovative technologies will be contribute him dynamically development.

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V.O. Stepashko , 2016. Dynamic Competitive Strategies of Management of Higer Educational Establishments. The Social Sciences, 11: 6692-6698.

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