The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 12 Issue 10, 2017)

Perceived Father Involvement and Life Satisfaction among Adolescents a Cross-Sectional Study

Jasmin Kurian and C.P. Mathew

The Role of Project Activities in the Formation of Future Specialists

Seisenbayeva Zhana, Jakypbekova Mamilya, Kyyakhmetova Shara, Sadyrova Anar and Mulik Dauletkerey

Indigenous Institution and Local Community (Study of ‘Tau Appa’ in the Maiwa Sub-District)

Syamsul Bahri, Rasyidah Zainuddin and Harifuddin Halim

The Effects of Motivation on International Tourist’s Destination Loyalty:Satisfaction as the Mediator

Mahadzirah Mohamad, Abdullahi Umar Babba, Nur Izzati Ab Ghani, Mutia Sobihah Abd Halim, Nanthakumar Loganathan and Zainudin Awang

Human Awareness of Urban Climate Change Effects on Health in Ipoh City, Malaysia

Mohd Hairy Ibrahim, Kamarul Ismail and Mazlini Adnan

Yemen-China Relations: History and Development in Bilateral Relations

Yahya Yahya Yahya Al Awd, Muhammad Fuad Bin Othman and Norafidah Binti Ismail

Revitalization and Signification of Kue Apem as an Indonesian Traditional Hors d’Oeuvre

Oda I.B. Hariyanto

Measurement of Media Coverage from the Public Perspective: An Exploratory and Confirmatory Approach

Khaled Abu Fayyad, Mohd Khairie Ahmad and Romlah Ramli

The Relation of Education Level and Seksio Caesarea BPJS Patient Perception Towards the Service of Obstetrics Gynecology Specialist Physician at Ibnu Sina Hospital

Abdul Rahman Rauf, Haedar Akib, Jasruddin and Andi Muh. Zainuddin

Vegetarian Community Social Movement (Analysis of Health Sociology in Makassar)

Syamsul Bahri, Tahir Kasnawi, Andi Agustang and Arlin Adam

Evaluation the Iraqi SAI Role in Promoting Government Accountability by Parliament

Alaa Nafea Kttafah, Noor Farihah Binti Mohd Noor and Rohana Abdul Rahman

Identification of Voting Behavior on Direct Election of Pilkada in Maritime Regions in South Sulawesi

Andi Gau Kadir, Nurlinah and Jayadi Nas

Challenges Facing the Implementation of Federalism in Iraq: A Case Study of the Contradictions and Inconsistencies in the Sharing of Power between the Central Government and the Regions in Iraq Constitution of 2005

Alaa Nafea Kttafah and Hayder Mohammed Hassan

Visual Arts Therapy Efficacy Towards Cognitive Emotion Regulation and Anxiety of Single Mothers

Zakaria Mohamad, Sh Marzety Adibah Al Sayed Mohamad, Jasmi Abu Talib and Juhaida Ibrahim

Prioritizing Wellbeing of Rural Households of the Northeast of Thailand: A Comparison of Changes over a Decade (2005-2016)

Buapun Promphakping, Nopparat Rattanaprathum, Pornpen Somaboot, Ninlawadee Promphakping and Pattaraporn Weeranakin

The Capacity to Think Critical Students to the Matter Environmental Management with the Approach Skill the Process of Science Junior High School (SMPN) 14 Ambon

Muhammad Rijal, Idrus Sere, Janaba Renngiwur and Haryati Sutia

Developing an Islamic Investment Framework for Maritime Assets

Adam Abdullah, Rusni Hassan and Salina Kassim

Analytic Discourse on Judicial Protection on Well-known Trademarks in China

Wu Bai Jun, Khadijah Binti Mohammed and Nor Anita Binti Abdullah

The Relationships Between Bureaucratic Officers and Political Officers: A Case Study of the Intervention of the Political Officers in Case of Recruitment, Assessment and Promotion of the Bureaucratic Officers in Southeast Sulawesi


Cultural Uniformity and Diversity of Talempong Music

Mahdi Bahar