The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 27, 2016)

Agent-Centered Military Doctrines on Asymmetric Warfare as a New Approach

Seyed Ali Mortazavian Farsani and Ali Asghar Agha Balazadeh

Mainstreaming Jewish Discourse

Davoud Ranjbaran

Social Anxiety as a Basic Factor Shaping Anti-Vital and Suicidal Behaviour among Contemporary Adolescents

Sagalakova Olga Anatolievna, Truevtsev Dmitry Vladimirovich and Sagalakov Anatoly Mikhailovich

Tracing the Civilizational Thought of Hassan Al-Bana

Mustafa Cheragheian Rad

The Use of the Utility Function of Labour to Assess the Formation of Human Resources

V.A. Gnevasheva

Emigration in Modern Russia

Valentina A. Sushko, Gennadi B. Pronchev, Nadezhda G. Proncheva and Ekaterina V. Shisharina

Codification, Preparation and Verification of Core Competency Paradigm for Headquarter Management of National Iranian Gas Company

Abbas Abbas Pour, Hamid Rahimian, Ali Delavar, Saeed Ghiasi and Fakhrossadat Hashemian

Management Style Consideration During Decision-Making Support Concerning Project Manager Selection

Vadim A. Lomazov, Valentina I. Lomazova, Vladimir A. Kalugin, Sergey I. Matorin and Yaroslav E. Prokushev

Theoretical and Empirical Understanding of the Concept of “Life Perspective of the Personality of Children-Orphans”

L.A. Babitskaya, I.S. Bubnov, A.V. Kibalnik, V.I. Lerke and I.V. Fedosov

Understanding of the Causes of Bribery by Students with Various Types of Attitude to Bribery

S.T. Dzhaneryan, D.I. Gvozdeva and I.N. Astafyeva

Analysis of the Foreign Policy of Ahmadinejad’s Government According to the Critical Theory of International Relations

Mohammad Ali Tavana, Hamed Eslami and Tooraj Rahmani

Types of Attitudes in Students to Bribery as the Form of Corruption

S.T. Dzhaneryan

Violences Against Children at Home (Case Study in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia)

M.A. Hafsah

Evaluation of the GCC Cooperation on Renewable Energy Issues

Eman Baker Abu Elhawa and Mohammad Mohammad Hussain

The Relationship Between Javanese Women and Their Daughter in Indonesian Literature


The Values of Islamic Education on the Marriage of Wabula-Buton Society East Sulawesi

Idrus Sere

Interethnic Communication and Interaction of Students in their Professional Training

A.M. Mityaeva, E.N. Puzankova, A.M. Egorychev, S.N. Fomina and V.N. Pravdyuk

Social, Economic and Legal Aspects of Fighting Against Illegal Distribution of Drugs or Psychotropic Substances

Buleuliyev T. Bakhtiar, Bakhautdinov Amirkhan, Zhusupov D. Alpysbay, Osmanova B. Dinara and Kabdysheva Zh.K. Zhibek

Counteraction of Minors Crime in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Political and Legal Aspects of Authorized Bodies Procedural

Tolegen A. Mukhtar, Seriyev A. Bolat, Buleuliyev T. Bakhtiar and Osmanova B. Dinara

Premised Knowledge as a Basis of Formation of Profession-Oriented Creativeness of Modern Higher School Students

K.S. Aybatyrov, E.B. Ibragimov, Z.A. Isaev, N.A. Kulibekov, A.M. Magomedgadzhieva, B.D. Pashtaev and L.N. Kharchenko

Experiences of Tolerance: Historical and Philosophical Analysis of Multiculturalism (On the Example of Magnitogorsk, Russia)

Irina Akulova, Oksana Chernykh, Galina Khakova, Helen Plotnikova, Svetlana Velikanova and Vladimir Chernobrovkin

Trade, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and Integration: Empirical Evidence from Islamic Republic of Iran

Batol Rafat

The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Employee Creativity Considering The Mediating Role of Knowledge Management Capability in Employee of Education Department of Sirjan

Hamid Taboli and Fahimeh Forootani

Monetary Regaliya in Russia: History of the Legislation and Execution of the Privilege

O.G. Larin, A.S. Yemelyanov and E.V. Dolzhenkova

The Effect of Organizational Intelligence and Occupational Success on the Intermediary Role of Personality Characteristics and Job Enthusiasm among the Middle Managers of Municipalities in the Province of Mazandaran

Hamid Taboli and Hamed Enshaei

The Role of Job Stress and Personality Traits in Moderating the Relationship Between the Political Skills of Managers and the Deviant Behaviors in the Municipalities of Mazandaran Province

Sanjar Salajeghe and Hamed Enshaei

A Comparison of Learning Styles and its Relationship to Academic Achievement of Students in Shiraz University: Online Learning vs. Conventional Education

Nahid Zarifsanaiey, Mitra Daneshvar, Bahareh Omrani and Rita Rezaee

The Effect of Allama Vahid Behbahani’s Thoughts on the Use of Mind in the Matters of Principle “Relying on the Criterion of Judgment”

Mohammad Jafari Harandi

Investigating the Relationship of Social Constructivist Learning Environment and Creative Educational Atmosphere with Academic Self-Efficacy of Higher Education Students

Ezzatollah Ghadampour, Hassan Ali Vieskarami and Houshang Garavand

Analysis of “Formal Elements” in the Advice Letter of Tansar

Asieh Zabihnia Emran

The Usage of Kinds of Irony in the Poems of Anvari

Asieh Zabihnia Emran

Capacity and Bottlenecks of Application of Privacy Principles in Contemporary Architecture in Iran

Abbas Alipour Nakhi and Mohammad Ali Rasti

Using Decorations in Architecture of Religious Constructions, Safavid Era, Isfahan (Divine Reflection or Artistic View)

Abbas Alipour Nakhi and Fereshteh Karami

Measuring Social Capital and Analyzing Social Structure of Participation and Trust: Network of Local Livestock Beneficiaries in Center of Iran

Iman Islami and Hamid Abdollahian

The Survey of the Social Security Status in Sari Citizens

Parvaneh Danesh, Hossin Nazook Tabar and Ali Gorji karsami

The Survey of the Social Capital Status in Sari Citizens

Parvaneh Danesh, Hossin Nazook Tabar and Ali Gorji karsami

Prediction of Self-Motivation on the Basis of Parental Styles and Parental Perfectionism in the Sixth Grade Elementary Students

Tayebeh Kalantari Sarcheshmeh, Mohammad Hosein Fallah and Saeid Vaziri

Russian Cosmism as the Origin of “Space Anthropology”

Lytkin Vladimir Vladimirovich